Planning Your Adventures

Whether you're deciding where you should head next, or looking for on-the-ground tips for specific destinations, you'll find the best information here.

Websites and apps resource list

These are some very useful - and sometimes just very nifty - sites and apps for whetting your travel appetite.

How to save the most money, and spend the least

These are the user-friendly, money-saving hubs that will get you the best routing, deals, and customer service.

Never worry again about what to bring with you or how to fit it in your luggage.


All the best resources for finding cheap - or even free! - places to lay your head while traveling. 

I am NOT sponsored to advertise the links on these pages, they've just worked really well for me and I wanted to share!  I am always looking for new sites, and if you know any, please send them my way!
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