Monday, May 18, 2015

The week's travel news: Wizz Air distorts the fabric of the universe

Wizz Air, officially the airline with the funniest name to native English speakers, has introduced a new fare structure, so you pay a bit more for a ticket that allows you to bring on more luggage, choose a seat, etc... basically everything we used to just roll into ticket prices, before companies like Wizz Air decided to make everything a la carte. Is there a wormhole I haven't noticed,  or is everything old really and truly new again?

I was just in the fair city of Copenhagen this weekend (more on that later), and learned a lot about how a strong welfare state can really positively impact residents' lives. So I'm tickled today to see that Copenhagen city employees are now banned from flying Ryanair, and the public budget is happy to stretch a little bit more for airlines that pay workers fairly. 

If you've been saddened by ISIS's destruction of Iraqi and Syrian towns, take heart: the Syrian city of Palmyra has managed to push ISIS militants out, providing at least temporary respite for the citizens of this 4000-year-old archaeological wonder. Let's hope the people of Palmyra, and their heritage, remain strong for future generations.

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