Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's a weasel on a woodpecker (and other Twitter travel gems)

I don't share some of the fun stuff on my Twitter feed nearly often enough. Well, kids, today's the day - it's Tuesday, and that means #TravelTuesday and #TTOT day, so there's loads to share.

First up, a beautifully photographed travelogue from last week:

I'm loving the new big airliners as much as anyone (the A380 and the Dreamliner are basically my new best friends), and it's precisely that love which makes me eager to retire older jets that guzzle fuel and are horribly uncomfortable:

We all know I love me some women in business, so file this one under "WTF, world...":

If the airliner issue has you down, don't worry. This adventurous little weasel has it all figured out:

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