Sunday, January 11, 2015

When taking the long way helps you see your city better

[Editor's note: I wrote this a few months ago and never posted it! So consider this your daily dose of time travel.*]

Really just a photographic post today, on the same sort of theme as yesterday. I decided to walk to a meeting the other evening, because it was a beautiful day and I'm sick of spending tons of money on my tube card when I live so centrally. As I walked through Hyde Park, I found so many beautiful patches and scenes of life in London - not being a very good photographer, what you're getting here is mainly plants. Sorry about that.

But you can feel autumn in the air now, and see families out playing after work, and couples making out,** and yesterday evening someone was setting off fireworks just because they felt like it. It was a perfect celebration atmosphere. So, this morning, I went for a 6:30am walk through the park again, to enjoy the quiet and the chill*** - just a little calm eye candy for you guys today.

Life has been pretty hectic for me, so I'm taking as much refuge in these images as I hope you are...

*That's a thing, right? Regularly-scheduled time travel?
**Seriously, wow... I mean, I know I'm in Europe now, but... wow.
***When I came back into my building, the building manager said it was a beautiful day, so unseasonably warm. Yeah, not warm, buddy, sorry. But very pretty!

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