Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Favourite places, blogging advice, and more: An interview with Samantha en Route

This is one of my terrible photos from the train on a recent trip home from Scotland - why is it in this post? No real reason. Will I remove it? NO!

A few weeks ago, the lovely Samantha of Samantha en Route asked me to do an interview on some of my favourite travel memories, destinations, and advice for aspiring bloggers. I was more than happy to oblige - you can find the interview here!

In other news, I've recently started working with a digital content agency here in sunny (ha, no) London, and it's had me thinking a lot about why I blog and what got me into this line of work. I'd love to answer any questions you all might have about blogging, publishing, advertising... whatever's on your mind, really. And if I don't know the answers, I promise I can find someone who does - so be in touch, either in the comments below or by tin can phone.

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