Friday, December 19, 2014

No one does Christmas decorations like London

So as irritating as I find it when Brits assume everyone celebrates Christmas, one thing I adore is the seriousness with which Christmas decorating is handled (see: my obsession with Christmas. Christmas Christmas Christmas).

I wanted to share some of my favourite holiday decorations that the city has been chowing off this year, and also just give a quick shout out to the way traditions are really carried on on the island. Mince pies with brandy butter? Check. Mulled beverages in ever pub and market? Check. Christmas puddings, a very set turkey meal, and gorgeous old carols? Check, check, and check.

Sure, I love the non-religious side of things here in the States (I can say "here," because I am. Here. I am in the States. And apparently too jet lagged to be allowed to blog), and I have a special affinity for "tacky" colored lights and weirdly perky 1940s Christmas songs, but the old-school feeling of a British Christmas is, I think, where my heart ultimately lies.

Or maybe I'm just trying to look classier than I am. Whatevs.

Claridge's, you suck... but you also make a hell of a pretty tree.
Mayfair all done up.

Cartier is werkin' it.

And now, some more personal shots...

Edinburgh, my happy place, at the Christmas market when I went to visit over Thanksgiving.

My family's tree, complete with real candles - the first time I'd ever seen them in action!

Gift wrap and nutcrackers being mailed to family back home.

The ONLY gluhwein stand worth going to at Edinburgh's market - accept no imitations.

My first holiday card of the year, and a delicious elderberry port from Demijohn.

Not technically a Christmas shot, but The Tudor Rose in Marylebone is exactly the sort of old pub I want to curl up in at the holidays.

I'd love to see your holiday photos - send 'em my way! And if you're traveling for the season, have a safe journey.

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