Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The week's top 3 in travel news: Looking for Elizabeth Gallagher, Virgin's explosion, North Korean quarantines

  • Calling all Canadians named Elizabeth Gallagher! This guy needs to give you a free trip around the world!

  • You guys know that I write for Virgin, but you may not have known that (unrelatedly) I have a family member who had pre-booked to go on Virgin Galactic. We all support his dream of going into space, and so I was doubly devastated at the SpaceShip Two explosion last week, not just for the loss of life, but also for the delayed dream of civilian space travel. (And yes, I do still have some philosophical issues with it.)

  • I would love to visit North Korea, that's no secret. But they've been seriously freaked by the Ebola epidemic, despite the fact that they are nowhere near a known infection, and are quarantining all foreigners upon arrival.

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