Friday, October 17, 2014

It's time to start dreaming of a vacation to Mexico

If you’ve hung around this site long, you’ll know that I have a dream list of destinations that I want to get to - and right at the top of that list is Mexico.

It’s no surprise, really. I’ve long tried to explain to my non-North American friends that Mexican food, wherever you come from on the continent, is the taste of home. Maybe it’s just that I’ve listened to too much James Taylor in my life, or that El Dia de los Muertos is coming up, and it’s had such a big influence on Halloween. 

Whatever it is that has drawn me to Mexico, it’s clear that I need to get there soon - and this video series from the Mexican tourism board sure isn’t helping...

Inspired by the videos, I started digging through the vast wanderlust wormhole that is Pinterest, and made a board of all the inspiration and packing tips I would use if I were planning a trip there right now. I’ve put some of my favorites below, but I invite you to come on over and check out the full board here!

I'm a scuba diver, and one of the first images that caught my eye as I went digging for travel ideas was this one, of a diver in one of Mexico's many cenotes, or natural underwater pit. I knew there was some great diving to be had at places like Cancun's underwater museum, but this gave me a whole new reason to head south.

As a lover of good markets, I would love to get my hands on some of these gorgeous fabrics to bring home. I live in London, so I need as much bright color as possible!

The Mayan influence on all of our lives in undeniable (the number zero, anyone?) - and I'd love to visit sites like Chichen Itza, in the Yucat√°n, to learn more about these ancient people.

I only recently tasted my first michelada, or "Mexican bloody Mary," and as a lover of all things spicy, I fell head over heels. If you want to celebrate booking your tickets to Mexico, might I recommend raising a glass of one of these?

Have you been to Mexico, or are you planning a trip? Don't forget to follow my Mexico travel Pinterest board, and share your tips, top destinations, and favorite memories!

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