Thursday, September 11, 2014

The week's top 3 in travel news: Tours by the homeless, taxis for women, LGBT struggles in Africa

  • The city of Athens has joined what I personally think is one of the greatest ideas in travel: city tours led by homeless local people. London's got 'em, Barcelona's got 'em, Bath, San Francisco and Prague... A truly fantastic way to provide income for people with unstable housing, and a glimpse into a city from someone who has spent more time than most people really exploring it. I'd love to see more travelers seek these tours out!

  • While I wish we didn't need women-only taxi service, I'm sure glad we have it. SheTaxi (also known as SheRides) is moving into the NYC area to provide safe taxi rides for women, by female drivers. I've seen women-only train compartments in Egypt and India, but hadn't considered women-only car hires. Operating similarly to Uber (which is to say, very mobile-integrated), I'm excited to hear more as this business grows.

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