Sunday, September 7, 2014

The beauty of England's Lake District

Catbells, with a line of purply heather running through the middle.

A few days ago, I promised to put up some photographs of my trip to Keswick, in England's Lake District. I can't say enough about how gorgeous it was (I got lucky with a few rainless and sunny days), and how peaceful, and how necessary it was to leave my laptop in London and give myself a few days off from work.

I happened to pick a fabulous B&B, as well, and many thanks to Liz and Eric. I woke up every morning to the smell of Liz's delicious cooking, and it just took me back to my childhood visits to my gran's house; every morning, lifelong Cumbrian Eric would chat with me about the area.

As much as I support travel in all its forms (I don't want to be elitist about indie travel versus tour groups, though the tagline of this website obviously shows my loyalties), I have to say that it makes me sad to imagine travelers to England not getting the experience of really visiting a proper home. There's something about the coziness of it, and the particular air, even - maybe it's the decades of cleaning product layers that a local wouldn't notice, I don't know - but really, if you're going to come to this beautiful country, you need to make some local friends and go over for a meal or something.

Don't have any English friends? Get in touch with me!

Giant wooden hand carving on the Derwentwater walking trail.

Castlerigg stone circle, a not-terribly-impressive-but-very-old 4,500-year-old mysterious rock formation.

Getting a gorgeous bit of summer on Derwentwater. So, so happy.

True farmland. I think I've been converted to a "walking holiday" sorta gal.

Grasses below Catbells.

The pure adorableness of Keswick.

The rocks I was scrambling on top of to get the photo of Keswick, above.

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