Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Loving our entire world, and remembering you're not alone

On a recent and unspeakably beautiful day, I found myself inside, starting to sweat over a bunch of assignments I was working on, and simultaneously trying to find the next thing. This happens more than I like to admit - I'm an action-oriented person by nature, and it's thrown me in some ways to find myself freelancing when I'm so used to working in a bustling, busy office environment.

Anyway, I finally decided that I needed to take myself out for a walk, and I couldn't get over the complete perfection of the sun, the folks lounging in the park, and the smell of the season turning...

Anyhoo, I happened to be obsessively listening to NPR podcasts on my walk (as ya do), and I got sucked into this beautiful story, of an astronaut who got to look down on the earth from 350 miles above.

So that's all today, kids - just a well-told story about a man who really fell in love with the earth, just because it made me tear up. And as for the ending... well, that goes out to all my fellow expats. Anytime you start to feel a bit alone, just remember that you're not (if you forget this, I'll remind you).

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