Saturday, August 2, 2014

Social media and climate change, travel news, and more... a roundup of the week

It's been a big week for me over at Virgin Travel, where they've been posting some great stuff about the future of cities and urban planning. Well, of course I think it's great - I wrote two of the pieces. One is an interview with the Sustainable Cities Collective's David Thorpe, and the other is on the use of social media in protecting urban areas from natural disasters.

And don't forget to feed your noggin with more hard-hitting news; obviously, I mean my totally subjective roundup of the top three travel stories of the week.

And if you missed it, it's now easier (and prettier, if I do say so myself) than ever to check out my living like a local series - I've got some great ones coming up, so stay tuned...

Do you have a travel news tip that will make me chuckle, or know someone who should write about their hometown? Then you should probably write to me.

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