Monday, August 4, 2014

Colo(u)rful views of a London summer - it's not what you think

When people think of the LDN, they often think of grey skies and a fair amount of gloom. But that's not the city I know, and I realized that the photos I've taken since arriving here ten days ago prove it. Enjoy this taste of summer as we settle into August...

My coworker got me addicted. Thanks, dude.

No one ever believes that this city has mufuckin' PALM TREES. This photo is proof for the doubters.

Most English sign ever, on - wait for it - a construction site.

80 degrees and sunny translates to homemade soup on the balcony (and she can cook, too!).

My cousin introduced me to Roast, and their pork belly, cracklings, and apple sauce sammich. This is why you'll never hear me properly call myself a vegetarian. This sammich.

Don't let summer slip by without taking some time to breathe... and giving thanks for wherever you are.

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