Friday, July 25, 2014

A beautiful morning in London

I nearly titled this post "a relaxing morning in London," but as I've spent the morning going over to-do lists and strategizing the best way to get my life in order, I suppose that's not really accurate. Fun fact: if you don't have an address, you can't sign up for a bank account - but without a bank account, it's mighty tricky to do things like start a phone contract or, well... get an address.

I'm lucky, though. I get to be a dual-citizen, so my paperwork is already so much easier than many of my friends. Plus, I speak the language (eh... sort of)! And, though I may not have an official address, I have the good fortune to stay with an old family friend in the heart of Mayfair, which is what I always think of as fairytale London.

So, here's the most peaceful part of my day, to share with you. And if you have any ideas for what I should be doing when I'm not trapped on the phone or in line at a government office, I'm all ears.

Happy weekend!

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