Monday, March 17, 2014

People worth following, from the Women's Travel Fest

Just wanted to throw together a list of some of the wonderful folks I met at the Women's Travel Fest last weekend in New York City. I will personally vouch for all of them being pretty cool people, doing work you should probably check out.

Teri Johnson, Travelista Teri

Teri is a joy to chat with, an entrepreneur with energy to spare. She's been producing her own travel show, detailing her journeys from Mexico to Bali and beyond - and I'm trying to contain my jealousy, as she has also visited Mali, a country that I've long dreamed about.

Kristin Francis, The Souvenir Finder

Kristin is a lady after my own heart, because her writing works to connect a destination's objects to it's greater spirit. The word "souvenir" may be off-putting to some, but as Kristin told me, she uses it according to the literal meaning, "to remember." "I don't want people to think of a bunch of magnets on the fridge," but rather, she writes about unique objects that give some insight into the character of a place and its people. For example, you want some awesome Scandi engineering? Try this.

Alyson Kilday, Hop and Jaunt

Hop and Jaunt have worked on the website and printed books for Go! Girl, including the Go! Girl Guides. She's lived all over the world, and clearly has a deep love for travel - in addition to being one hell of a talented designer (seriously, kids, check out her gallery).

And if you're looking for some new travel people to check out, here are some quick hits:

G Adventures
A really awesome travel operator. Met some of their folks in NYC a few years ago, and have been a big fan of their work ever since. Also impressive - and crazy - to hear they trademarked the phrase YOLO.

Writing all about solo travel, these folks are on a neverending mission to get more ladies traveling the world by themselves. I couldn't agree with that idea more.

Jacqueline Gifford
Senior editor with Travel + Leisure, she spoke about making high-end travel affordable...

Courtney Scott
...while Courtney spoke to the more budget-conscious crowd.

Sarah Shourd
She gained recognition as one of the three hikers captured as alleged spies in Kurdistan in 2009, and was part of a very moving panel on personal safety while on the road. Just do me a favor and read some of her writing.

A crew of travel-minded (mostly) ladies, dutifully taking notes. I was upstairs, dangerously overcaffeinating myself in the media lounge.

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