Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enter our photo contest to win jewelry by FaconFacon!

Hi everyone, a friend of mine is launching a great company aimed at expats in Scandinavia - I'd love if you would read and consider sharing the press release below! (Disclosure: I am not earning anything from this promotion, I just support the idea and want to help it get out there.)

Join our first ever photo contest with The Epic Adventurer on Twitter and win a ring by Danish jewelry designer FaconFacon!

Scandinavia Standard is dedicated to providing up-to-date content on Scandinavian culture, design, fashion, travelers and immigration for English-speaking residents and visitors. We've started with Copenhagen, and are expanding to Stockholm, Oslo and Reykjavik.

Our philosophy is simple: we live here. Our aim is not to start another expat-community (although those can be great!) but to give our readers accessibility to the cities in which they live, in English. This is the stuff we wish we'd known when we arrived long ago, served up so that you don't have to take years learning it all! Being a traveler or immigrant is hard enough; let us make it a little bit easier, a little bit more fun.

We love The Epic Adventurer's attitude towards the act of travel, budgeting (realism! Thank you!), and being a lover of all parts of this Earth. Scandinavia Standard is excited to announce that we're partnering with The Epic Adventurer for our first ever giveaway!

Julia hasn't yet visited any of the Scandinavian countries (although we're working on convincing her) so we decided to whet her appetite just a bit.  

Submit your best photo of "Scandinavian style" on Twitter, tag @ScandinaviaStandard, @TheEpicAdventurer_ and hashtag #ScandinaviaStandard. Be sure to follow both Twitter accounts and Scandinavia Standard's Facebook.

When we say "Scandinavian style," we don't just mean fashion or design. This  can be a shot of an interior, a particular item, or architecture. Be creative! We're willing to be convinced that your idea of Scandinavian style is better than ours. All pictures must be taken by you. We'll do an image search, you guys. Feel free to include a watermark if you're a professional photographer or have a website.

Also stay tuned on Twitter every morning from 9-10am EST for questions from @TheEpicAdventurer_ with the hashtag #ScandinaviaStandard. We're looking to build a community around knowledge, accessibility and a desire to enjoy where you are. Come along for the ride!

Post your picture by Monday 07 October at midnight EST. Scandinavia Standard and The Epic Adventurer will choose our favorite picture by 14 October and send the Fan ring directly to the winner with a signed note from FaconFacon designer Charlotte Christine Larsen.

Held og lykke (good luck—in Danish)!

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