Saturday, August 10, 2013

The best travel writing and advice on the internet (besides mine, naturally)

Matador Network

A site that is all about independent travel writing.  A great way to learn about places from those who have been there.

The Lost Girls Blog

An impressively wide array of destinations represented here!

New York Times Travel

Tends to appeal to the well-heeled (as the NYTimes always does...), but often has really great articles on travel news and tips.


One of the best emporia for information; as always, think about contributing YOUR knowledge to these sites!  Also has a great feature for talking to and networking with other travelers.


Really good for finding things to do in your chosen location.  Just input a place, and a bunch of choices (not all of them for budget travelers, though) come up in different categories like art, architecture, and nightlife.

Go Nomad

There is a lot of information packed into this site, focusing on independent travel and unusual locations as well as the better-worn tracks.

Too Many Adaptors

This site is chock-full of great information about travel and technology.  Want to know if you're bringing the right gadgets?  How that camera you're contemplating will actually work?  Start here!

Briefcase to Backpack

This is a site for folks planning career breaks and sabbaticals.  Taking time off from your career is a very big decision, but tis site provides insight from a ton of people who have managed it successfully!

Nomadic Chick

This is a great site specifically for female travelers -- everything from reviews of a women's clothing company making great travel wear, to travel stories and encouragement!

Brooke vs. The World

A super personable blog with a ton of information on budget and solo traveling, from a female perspective. Brooke has also been living in Australia for years, and has great perspective on being an expat!

The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette

This little gem is a really well-designed guide to basic manners around the world - nice to have all of this in one easy-to-use format, rather than all over the place in disparate travel guides. 

Be My Travel Muse

This one blog post has me smiling, because it is EXACTLY what I say when people are doubting their potential to make travel a reality. Get inspired!

Legal Nomads

There is so much here, from cultural commentary to very helpful travel resources.

The Naked Foreigner

Bridgett writes about her life as an American expat in Daegu, South Korea, with a funny and insightful edge. Her photography ain't half-bad, either!

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