Saturday, August 10, 2013

The absolute gold standard for booking your next trip

Fat Girl Travels: 10 FAQs for Fat Flyers
From my favorite crew of fearless female travelers, GoGirl, comes this roundup of helpful advice and resources for air travelers who want some more comfort in their trip.

I've gushed over this site before, because it plans every step from point A to point B - flights, buses, trains, boats, etc. It will show you approximate costs, a selection of different routings, and even your approximate CO2 emissons.

Great discounts on travel and activities in cities all over the world.

A great site for finding cheap flights; you can see up to a month of travel dates and prices to make the best choice, and if you sign up for emails, you can track a particular flight and buy it when it is cheapest!  Also, after you buy a flight through Yapta, it will continue searching and notify you if your flight becomes available for less, so you can then call the airline and bargain the price down.

My favorite guide book, and the website is helping me dream of new trips every day.

A way of staying organized when you travel.  You can input flights and hotels and trains, etc., and then it compiles it into a really easily digested itinerary.  If you are a traveler who makes a lot of plans before you go, this is a must-use!

Not a website, but a free download that is AMAZING for staying organized.  You can store notes, photos, even web sites, and the whole thing syncs online so you can access it on all your mobile devices and any computer with internet.  GENIUS.

This is a link to the UK website (there is a US counterpart), but I love this site because it gives you student discounts on flights AND a discount if you are under 26 or a teacher.

Awesome tool for seeing how far away you can go on a certain amount of money at a certain time.  Good for dreaming...
A site about independent travel -- no tours here, just some great ideas for putting together a unique trip.

ITA Software 
This tool helps you find the cheapest dates to fly over the course of a month - invaluable! 

Looking for an unusual place to stay?
This article contains a list of some great sites to help you find a unique place to stay, without your having to search through endless lists on some of the mainstream sites.  

Insure My Trip
This website is easy to use for anyone looking for the right level of coverage for their travel.

Transitions Abroad
If you're into volunteering while you travel (in which case, please read this first), this site is a great place to look for opportunities. But please please please do your research first to make sure your hard work has its intended effect!

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