Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rome2Rio is my new favorite travel itinerary planner

GUYS. It's not often that I get so excited about a new aggregating site, but we seriously need to talk.

Rome2Rio is a little gem I discovered yesterday, and it is making my life awesome. The idea is that you can plug in your beginning and end point (you can see above I used my old neighborhood postcode in London, and Osaka, Japan). Rome2Rio then figures out your precise itinerary, including any trains or buses, and accesses their schedules so you can see precisely what your options are.

You can get a door-to-door plan, complete with pricing. Each of the orange boxes in the left sidebar are different routings you might choose (see below). And as for that little "Assessing CO2" note above the map? Taht's right, it even does its best to calculate your environmental emissions.

I love a one-stop shop. Don't get me wrong, I am more than okay booking different legs on different sites and comparison shopping, but the ability to round up most, if not all, of your options at once gives travelers a much stronger starting point for what sorts of routings and costs they should expect once they cast their net wider. You can save certain itineraries, too, so if you're planning multiple trips or coordinating multiple people, you don't have to worry that you'll lose your train of thought. This could also be very useful if you are wondering what time of year to visit a certain destination - if there are low seasons with fewer transport options, that is valuable to know from the start.

The interface is super clean and intuitive, and the customization options are great (EDIT: though I couldn't find a multi-city option originally, a reader told me to click "multi-hop" in the upper-left corner. That's why my readers are the best!). I'll be adding Rome2Rio to my page of booking resources, so if you want to see other sites I recommend, hop on over!

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