Thursday, July 11, 2013

So, Arkansas happened.

As promised, here are a handful of photographs from this past weekend's trip to Arkansas to visit my father's family (which reminds me... I went to Miami and never mentioned it here... in the world of blogging, the might mean it never happened...).

Being me, and a privacy enthusiast (a blogger who likes privacy? Who doesn't like Facebook? Who uses parenthetical asides to break the fourth wall?), I'm omitting pictures of the wonderful people I was with - but on the upside, there are plenty of other images to entertain you today.

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, where we flew through - see those little dashes at the top? They're windows! You can apparently go up the arch in a little car, and next time I visit I will definitely leave some time for that. Apparently you can feel the arch sway in the wind...
This is what "St. Louis benedict" looks like - a biscuit, pulled pork, and Tabasco hollandaise.
A tiny Mt. Rushmore in preparation for the Independence Day parade.
This Massachusetts resident had a LOT of fun setting off fireworks (they're illegal in my home state, but very little seems to be illegal in rural Arkansas...)

Now we get into some views of Calico Rock, the very small (we're talking under 1000 residents, and deep countryside) town that my family is from. Yes, slightly different from that other town my family is from, but I like having the contrasts in my life.

Yep, they sell peanut brittle, Native American (...objets d'arts?), and whatever fenton is.

The high school is the Calico Rock Pirates - and my dad designed their mascot when he was a student!

This is why Arkansas is the "Natural State" - the creeks and rivers are clear as glass. Nothing feels more summertimey than finding a swimmin' hole...

Mirror Lake

The view from my mamaw and papaw's backyard - you can't tell, but there is a drop-off to the White River below. And yes, I got an iPhone mainly for hipster photo effects.

Another view of the river from the family house.

If you need a sign to tell you this, you shouldn't be allowed to drive.
Also the White River from the family house. There are always people fishing in the river, it's known for amazing trout (and no pollution). Farmland and wilderness.

Good to know, STL.
Having not been down to Arkansas in gulp-I-don't-want-to-admit-it years, I was admittedly nervous about seeing seeing people again, but I couldn't have received a warmer welcome. And it was truly mind-bending to realize the extent to which Calico is country, and that it is a part of me.

What have your experiences been like going "home," or to a family landmark or reunion? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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