Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Motherhood abroad, and other #travel links to get you thinking!

It's 100 degrees here in Boston, and I am melting. So here's a picture of the Biltmore pool in Coral Gables, Miami, where I spent a day in May... take me to there...

This is a cool series of blog posts (still in progress, be patient) about being a parent - written by Americans living in other countries.

A documentary that I might get around to soon... especially if I'm stuck in my A/C much longer...

I will see Antarctica someday. And when I do, there had better be a stockpile of booze to stay warm.

I was initially going to begrudge Garance this blog post, until I read her asterisks. And then I realize she must have been a real person on a normal income at some point in her life...*

I just found this blog, and think the idea - actually seeing the people around you, that you might otherwise pass by - is awesome. But honestly? I'd love to hear about more awesome blogs (or movies, or books, or anything, really) that aren't centered on New York City. NYC is very cool, yes, but can we please get some attention on any other city? This is probably a rant for another day...

And to end on a note of awesome positivity, here is the Bank of Happiness. You should probably participate and do something nice for someone. Just throwing it out there.

*Speaking of asterisks, if I've found an $1100 itinerary to Cambodia this fall, is it okay to bump up to business class? NYC to Seoul is loooonnnnggggg... but it sort of goes against my general ethos of "Save your money for awesome cheap things/charities in Cambodia!" Thoughts, please!!!

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