Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guest Post: Kaohsiung’s Junk Market

I got back from my family reunion in Arkansas, an example of how serendipitous traveling can be if I ever heard of one (more on that later, I'm still organizing my photos to share). 

Today's guest post come from Jenna Longoria, of Nomad Notions. I hope you enjoy her photo essay on Taiwan's Kaohsiung Junk Market as much as I do - and if you're thinking of submitting your writing, be sure to read this first.

Kaohsiung’s Junk Market

Every Saturday and Sunday a magical thing happens in Kaohsiung. Vendors, gamblers, animals, penny-pinchers, spendthrifts, perverts, hoarders, and expats alike, flock to a slab of pavement with only a tin roof for cover.

And for what reason?

To experience the twisted, yet brilliant world of The Junk Market.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Land of the Junk Market. Much like carnies, Renaissance Festival workers, Republicans, and Jehova’s Witnesses, these vendors have their own set of norms and social graces. This is their terrain, so once you enter, be willing to forgo all expectations and control. Furthermore, be prepared to witness strange things like dildos, rubber vaginas, heady crystals, hipster cameras, cock fights, gambling rings, exotic animals, and the most shocking of all: cassette and VHS tapes.

Since moving to Taiwan, I have acquired a new Golden Rule: if in need, go to the Junk Market.  And if you can’t find it there, chances are, it doesn’t exist. Trinkets to be found:

You want ___________? The junk market’s got it.

Swords, knives, and machetes:

Chinese medicine and acupuncture goods:


Creepy dolls? Check.

Sexy underwear? Oh yeah.*


Vietnamese coffee? The best in town. $40NT (approx. USD$1.33):

Tea eggs, duck blood, and whatever else this lady threw in the pot:

Life aquatic: 

Taiwanese spring onion cake  (葱油饼) My favorite street food in Taiwan so far, and this guy makes the best. $30NT (approx. USD $1):

 *Editor's note: baby.
Jenna Longoria is a world traveler, writer, and expat living in Taiwan. When she is not practicing yoga, you will most likely find her with a Tom Robbins novel in hand, or writing tales of expat living, which you can find at Nomad Notions.

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