Thursday, July 25, 2013

#Boston is where it's at. Plus: avoiding countries that hate women!

"It's a rough-and-tumble mix set down on a stunningly beautiful, easily navigable urban peninsula that boasts the only ocean coastline of any mainland capital in the country."

I was just sent a link to this article on Boston's "new charms." Honestly? It's awesome to have other writers praising my awesome city. But it's even more of a relief, as Boston is generally known for: colonial history, obnoxious bro-y sports fans, Harvard, and Ben Affleck's terrible, outdated representations of Charlestown and Southie. To be frank, none of these represent the city that I know, because I spend more time at its bars, in the art scene, and living as a regular young person - not a college kid* or tourist. So this piece gets my endorsement (also my confusion - I have never heard my city called "easily navigable"...).

This Pew study recently came out, and it shows that animosity towards the United States is often correlated to states that receive aid from the U.S.

I got NPR-y today, yes. But it gave me this awesome photo, of commuters in Tokyo being fantastically badass.

And in other (really old) Japan news, I never knew that David Sedaris went to Japan to quite smoking! Brilliant - apparently changing your situation really can give you a new lease on life.

I hope you heard the news about the Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai - and got a 16-month sentence for reporting it (sex out of wedlock, wheeee!). The verdict was overturned in the end (...hmmm, wonder if it would have been overturned for a woman from the UAE? Or if the international pressure was getting to folks...). Why do I bring this up? Because Jen Dziura just wrote a short but sweet piece on avoiding giving our tourism dollaz (or pounds/rupees/whatever) to countries that hate women. Honestly, I'd much rather go to Bunny Island, anyway.

*My problems with the college population are epic, by the way. And probably a topic for another blog...

(image via, isn't it the best travel agency sign ever?)

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