Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Travel links because I missed you

The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt's Great Pyramid

Blogging has been sporadic lately (though did you catch yesterday's post on ethical travel?), so let me make it up to you with some link love...*

"We were three men and four women, all a bit queer, and as we talked about our lives, neighborhoods, commutes to work, the parks and cafes we frequented, something emerged; the women of our group had a vastly different set of experiences in public space from the men, the women enduring a constant barrage of foul comments, violations of personal space, and groping from strangers on the subway and the streets of the city. For the men, hearing these stories from was eye-opening as they suddenly understood our city of New York as actually being two cities—one as experienced by women, the other by men.  And this kind of commonplace inequality was shaking.."

Street harassment is a major issue for women worldwide, and it deeply affects how safe women can feel when they are traveling. Today, let's celebrate all of the progress being made by iHollaback to fight the harassment.

Speaking of women, how about the teeth-grindingly patronizing lens that developed nations often use when discussing others: "Your women are oppressed, but ours are awesome"

A fascinating discussion of the "world's friendliest people" phenomenon, and all the different ways that friendliness and hospitality are expressed.

And a piece about solo female travel (which I have written about numerous times and endorse wholeheartedly). Winning line: "While the easy thing is to blame the solo female traveler, the reality is that violence against women, not solo travel, is the issue. And it’s certainly not limited to far-flung places."

And if you didn't hear, some folks decided they were Special Snowflakes who could climb the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt (despite it being very illegal to do so). Oy. At least they got good photos.

*Yes, some of these links are older - just goes to show that even when I'm not blogging, I am reading and tweeting up a storm!

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