Friday, January 18, 2013

#Travel plans for 2013 - making #Cambodia and #Arkansas happen!

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Ouachita River, Arkansas

So I've decided on my travel plans for 2013, and they won't come as too much of a surprise for those of you that hang out with me on the tweet machine: Arkansas and Cambodia!

Arkansas sky

Arkansas might surprise some folks, but I'm excited about this one - my dad was from Arkansas, and it's been years since I've been down there (eleven, if you're counting). And though I know poor Arkansas gets its fair share of jokes, I'm going to stop the haters right there. Northern Arkansas is drop-dead gorgeous, true Ozark country, and filled with friendly folks. Okay, most of the population of Calico Rock might, in fact, be related to me... though now there are 1500 people there! That's 500 more than when I last visited! The point is, it's beautiful and my family is there (shout-out to my three great-aunts and the often hilarious letters I get from them - I'm a twenty-first century blogger with deep affection for old-fashion postal mail), so it's where I plan to be. Unfortch, given the lack of vacation time that I've got, it may have to be squeezed in alongside a federal holiday of some kind...

Angkor Wat

My main man

And that takes me to Cambodia - far away enough to warrant using almost all of my vacation time, and a bucket list item.* Crossing fingers that it works out so that the Boyf can come along - damn you, completely different work schedules! But I am looking forward to seeing temples, partying in Siem Reap, learning more history about the Khmer Rouge, and looking for short-term meditation retreats (also on my bucket list - do an intensive meditation retreat, sometime when I can take the time off!). And obviously, scuba diving if I can figure out a logical way to do the travel overland without taking too much time.

Phnom Penh central market

Siem Reap
So, here's where y'all come in: I need advice, tips, ideas, whatever you've got! Money-saving ideas are always welcome (read the tagline, folks!), but also ideas for what to do in both places. I mean, in Arkansas of course I have my family and it's more of a "people" trip, but if you know something I don't (highly likely), then by all means, share it!

And if you have the brains to help me figure out how to fly in and out of Cambodia in a logical way that gets me to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and somewhere beachy, you might just win my eternal love...

*Yep, I know a lot of travel folks are sick of the phrase "bucket list." But it means what I need it to mean. So... I'm keeping it.

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