Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#Bhutan, the #Wakhan Corridor, North #Korea, and #Mali links for your Wednesday!

Cutest freaking children ever. Photo is from here, and you should check them all out.

So I've been in a particularly contemplative mood lately - the sort of mood where I miss being in school, because my mind just wanted to dig into things bigger than myself (I've also just finished reading How Should a Person Be?, which has definitely contributed to this). So today's links aren't the usual "How to Save $5 Travel Travel Travel" type of thing, but some more in-depth reads about some fascinating places and people.  Check it:

My North Korea obsession is well-documented, but what is less well-documented is the everyday life of North Korean citizens. (See what I did there?) This lovely photo essay is just the thing if you like me, are desperate to learn more about this hidden kingdom. People collecting stones for no given reason? What?

Speaking of hidden kingdoms (the segueways just write themselves today!), turns out Bhutan isn't exactly the utopia we might believe. Despite the rumors that there is no MTV, among other things, Bhutan has been embracing modernization in pieces, and it makes for a very compelling read.

A remote culture in Afghanistan, the nomads of the Wakhan Corridor, are debating whether having roads (which would decrease mortality and increase trade, for starters) is actually beneficial to the community. Just the sort of thoughtful reporting and in-depth cultural study I'm always looking for.

And if you're trying to figure out what exactly has been happening in Mali recently, this video from National Geographic (my obsession. Nat Geo, marry me?) breaks it down for you.

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