Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Great #travel links and photos of #Bermuda

Okay, I apologize in advance that these links are almost all from NPR... what can I say? I love me some talk radio. There have been some really interesting things popping up recently, such as a story about the government in Cairo painting over a mural that has been keeping alive the history of the Tahrir Square protests. Do you think the mural is helping people to remember, or causing trouble for the government?

And speaking of the Nile region, how about these Sudanese pyramids? I would love to see them for myself - who wants to come to South Sudan with me next year? (Not entirely joking...)

In fun-facts-about-Julia news, my stepdad has somehow, through magic and insanity, secured himself a seat on Virgin Galactic in 2015 (yeah. WHAT). So what better time than now to read some business advice from Richard Branson, the founder of a bunch of businesses that all lend themselves so nicely to dirty jokes? (Amirite?)

And because I am horrendously slow at sorting through photographs, I wanted to share a few from last month's trip to Bermuda. The island is a 90-minute flight from Boston, and though it is STUPIDLY expensive (budget travelers cover your eyes - we're talking over $60 for breakfast if 're not careful), it is also stupidly beautiful and laid back and friendly. I heard about a hotel discount that one of the hotels was running, and when I told my mom we were going, she got all happy and told me that it was one of her favorite hotels, and favorite places. Meanwhile, she was planning to go to Prague, which we all know if one of my favorite places.

That's right, kids, Julia and Mama Julia had a bonding moment.*

If you are in Bermuda, you should take the stupidly cheap ferries instead of taxis to get around. Its the only way to travel.

Look at those reefs. LOOK AT THEM!

Me and the awesome fearless nine-year-old who did a helmet walk with me.

Group consensus - best mural ever? Glad we established that.

*We had another bonding moment while I was in Colombia, because I ate an ant. That one got a bit weird, but frankly, that's why I love my mom.

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