Sunday, September 30, 2012

9th -and final - installment of the epic photo series

It's been a hell of a journey for me lately, going through all of these memories on this site and sharing a bit more than I normally do about myself. But because it has been really rewarding for me, I'd like to invite you all to send me your favorite photos, from your travels. Yes, you must have taken the picture yourself (no stealing!), but other than that, no rules - I just want to see wat has inspired you, made you happy, or otherwise impacted your life. It's all fair game!

And now, for the last installment...

I find the geometry here so striking. Venice, 2007.

So, I rode a camel at Giza. And I was all, "Wow, what an adventurer I am! Pats on the back for everyone!" - until I saw that  FOUR-YEAR-OLD (albeit, a stylish four-year-old) was leading me around. Headslap.

It's a goat in a polo shirt. Thanks, Varanasi!

More gorgeous light in Rishikesh, India.

The Himalayas - Everest, if I am correct - from an airplane about to land in Kathmandu.

More of beautiful Nepal from the plane.

The snowy (with cherry-blossom) trees of Tokyo.

The most beautiful part of my postgrad campus in London, during a light snowfall.

My one and only attempt at documentary journalism - photographing the riot police during the 2010-2011 London student riots. The protests over tuition hikes (which, in my opinion, were pretty ludicrous to begin with) were hijacked by a bunch of jokers who just wanted to make trouble, turning them into pretty dangerous riots. Thanks, guys. Not only were you ruining an otherwise peaceful protest (and no matter my opinion on the particular issue, I believe in peaceful protest), but you tried to BURN DOWN THE TRAFALGAR SQUARE CHRISTMAS TREE. Really relevant to tuition hikes, right?

A beautiful sunset over southwest London.
So there you have it - my favorite images taken over the past five years (before that, I didn't own a digital camera!).

Don't forget to send in your favorite photos to share here!

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