Saturday, September 29, 2012

8th installment of the epic photo series

Apologies for being in absentia recently (especially as I have a great guest post coming for y'all, and I hate being behind schedule!). I just returned from two weeks in Colombia, traveling through Bogota, Santa Marta, and Cartagena, and after a couple of days in Cartagena, which is basically what the surface of the sun would feel like if it had 90% humidity, I am very happy to be chilling at home on a rainy New England day, posting hotos for you to enjoy!

And now I have the necessary kick in the ass to get my photos of Bermuda pulled together to get me back on track (...)!

Cairo, 2010. I was struck by the monochromatic nature of this city from above, especially because at eye level there are amazing colours everywhere...

I mean, it might be travel porn, but Giza. Those three little pyramids are for the wives... PUNY I TELL YOU!

The funeral pyres at Varanasi, India. You are never to photograph a cremation (and I'm sorry, but if you want to, I am sort of judging right now. That is a FUNERAL), but the epic piles of wood stacked along the ghats to facilitate the 24/7 cremations are okay to photograph. And, in my opinion, impactful. Meanwhile, regular old life continues next door at the merchant's stand, selling chips and plastic household containers.

Varanasi at dawn, from the Ganga.

Unlike Cairo, I don't think any city in India will ever be considered monochromatic. Varanasi from the Ganga, looking t one of the ghats. Those umbrellas are actually covered in saris, drying in the sun, as folks do their laundry in the river off of the steps.

Bad photo, and yes, Varanasi again. Puja, or prayer-time, happens in the morning and the evening, as "Mother Ganga" is woken up and then put to sleep - in every city along the river, life really does revolve around it, from doing the washing to taking a bath ot playing to meeting up with your friends. And at puja, people come in on boats as well as along the shore, sending candles and flowers down the water floating on leaves, and there is music and prayer and really, what more can you ask for?

Dawn puja.

Things that make me die laughing in the Agra train station, India. It had been a rough day.

In the city of Boudhanath, Nepal, this temple sits next to the world's biggest stupa, and MY GOD THE COLORS.

Boudhanath, with the Himalayas in the background. I ate one of the best thalis of my life at a rooftop restaurant as I took this picture.

The palace in Bangkok, Thailand. I remember looking at these little dudes and realizing, "SHIT! I am in THAILAND!!!" It had been a life dream to see Thailand (and now it is a life dream to go and live there for a period of time), and I was so tired (we flew overnight, and I didn't sleep because I was so excited, and I was a tiny bit cracked out on the taxi ride to the hotel...), and what followed were possibly the most transformative three weeks of my life (a bold statement, one that I'm sure I will now be pondering all day)...and, well, these guys. 

The view from the train in Thailand, and no, I don't remember which leg of our journey. I just love the angle of the train and the trees, and the tiny amount of orange and pink.

Being in Tokyo during hanami season is unreal, the city is covered in light pink snow. This is a map of Ueno Park, where we went (in the freezing rain, and right before a hilarious and super-relaxing session at an onsen) to see the cherry blossoms in all their glory.

More blossom, but this time in London, 2011, heralding springtime there. Outside Southwark Cathedral, I was wandering (almost certainly with snacks from Borough Market), and saw these flowers fighting to come out.

Parisian graffiti, 2011.

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