Wednesday, September 19, 2012

7th installment of the epic photo series

Hola from Colombia! Apologies, posting around here is going to be SLOOOOWWWW for the next week and a bit, but its because I am busily collecting favorite memories and photos to share with you all when I return to the US!

In the meantime, ENJOY!

Tibetan prayer flags in the wind. I love when they become translucent like this, and look like gauze, and you really feel that all of the peaceful intentions, all of the prayers that have been put into the fabric, is being carried on the wind. Kathmandu, 2010.

I never get enough of the colors of Koh Tao.

I will kick myself until the end of my days (or until I get to go back...) for not having very many photographs of Tokyo. But I think this picture conveys some of the busy-ness of this overwhelming, AWESOME city. And for all of it's seeming chaos, Tokyo is actually extremely orderly, and people are extremely kind. Japan is also the only place I have ever experienced a significant language barrier - even the most basic words and gestures got me nowhere, and there was a lot of smiling and arigato-ing...

We were in Tokyo totally by accident during the height of the ephemeral hanami season, or cherry-blossom. Even the sewers were celebrating, as were the people who braved freezing rain to have their sake-fueled picnic in the parks.

Beautiful Tokyo!

Edinburgh in the snow. The city is MC Escher's dream, as it is built on a series of bridges of different heights. they all intersect and sometimes it is a challenge to figure out how the whole thing works...


Pretty much the best thing ever, Seattle, 2012.

The view from our hostel balcony in Barcelona, where my oldest friend and I took our version of a siesta every afternoon with cava and chocolate on the balcony.

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