Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3rd installment of the epic photo series

Hi all - great news! Untapped Cities has just published my first-ever post with them! Untapped Cities is a great blog, all about the lesser-known parts of major cities. It's a great resourcef rot ravelers who want to get to know a place under the surface. For my first post, I wrote about the development of the Boston waterfront neighborhood - go check it out, and enjoy!

Now on the the photos...

My friends came to visit me in London in 2011, and I had the chance to show them a bit around my other city, which was a really amazing time for me. Here, we're messing around in Trafalgar Square, and behind me is one of the huge lions that my sister and I would climb on as children.

An amazing piece of public art on Ujezd in Prague. The bodies disappear as a result of the corrosive effects of communism on society, and there is a beautiful plaque that talks about how totalitarianism destroys people's lives, wwhether because they literally die, or beacuse

A little piece of graffiti (about the size of a pencil eraser) that I added to the Berlin Wall in 2007.

Under Soviet rule, all forms of media were closely monitored, and the people of Prague were not able to communicate freely with one another. One night, some kids came out and painted an image of John Lennon on this wall, in honor of peace and free expression. The Soviets painted over it, naturally, but the next night, the kids came back and did it again. This went on for so long that the Soviets gave up, and the Lennon Wall has been covered in graffiti ever since. To this day, the city will still occasionally paint over the wall, just so that people can come back and add to it again.

Hungarian lace in Budapest, I've framed this picture in my home.

Venice. Now, if you're going to be heartbroken, best to do it in Europe - the entire continent is built for brooding and losing your sorrows in art and wine. However, I cannot recommend being heartbroken in Venice - it is the one place in all of Europe where if you are alone, you will not necessarily find someone to spend time with, and being alone is no fun as everything is made for couples. Just a little tip from me to you.

But if you are in Venice, go up the campanile. You will be able to see the top of San Marco, and all the rooftops beyond.

Grainy, poor quality. But SUNSET.

This is on what I think of as my island. That's rubbish, as this is Koh Tao, Thailand, and one of the busiest places in the world to learn to scuba dive (which I did here in 2010, getting my PADI advanced card). The island is tiny, impassable through the center, and filled mainly with expats and divers. And yet, something about the place completely changed my brain, and I (very seriously) nearly did not leave. Here's to places that change you.

Tower Bridge in London, the day I finally saw the Tower of London. I grew up coming to this city every freaking year, and yet never realized that the Tower of London is NOT a tower at all, but an old fortress. My cousin nearly disowned me.

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