Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#Czech artwork, #Chinese #adoptees, bucket lists, and more!

Neil Armstrong, one of the greatest adventurers. From NatGeo.

 Hello friends, I realize posting has slowed down around these parts. It makes me feel like a bad blogger, because despite the fact I am currently planning two trips (Bermuda and Colombia!), I feel like the last thing I want to do is blog about them... I mean, I am aware that I am not like other travel bloggers, but this is even weirding me out!

In the meantime, as I figure out how to keep myself honest and regular on the ol' blog-arino, I found some great stuff to keep YOU all entertained! The first is a piece about bucket lists. I tried to make a real bucket list once, but I jsut can't wrap my ehad around EVERYTHING I want to do in my life, and I certainly don't want to overwhelm myself by putting everything from "learn to bake a cookie, because I currently suck at it" to " die happy" in one list... that seems mental. Do you have a list? (And why yes, that IS my comment at the bottom of the post!)

This post, about finding adventure in the everyday, really rang true for me (yup, I commented on this one, too). My friend and I really did say that the most fun things were always in the little alleys, as sketchy as that sounds - it's how I found a beautiful stationery shop and town square in Kathmandu, how I found a vegetarian restaurant in Prague, and how I discovered a whole neighborhood in my hometown that I had never seen before (and I don't mean Boston, my big-city hometown. I mean my relatively small hometown right outside the city!). READ IT.

This article must be linked to here, because the lead photo is of the television tower in Zizkov, a neighborhood of Prague, that I always looked at and went "What the...?" Babies. Climbing a tower. Off you go to do some learning.

UGH. THIS PIECE. I mean, I already had an unhealthily lovey relationship with NPR, but this article on Chinese-American adoptees, most of whom are female, speaking about their international identities is just a great piece of writing.

And because it is a day of awesome links to make us smile, here is one that I think just takes the friggin' cake. Apparently there is a free online university called the University of the People, aimed at flks who otherwise couldn't afford to go to school. And it knows no boundaries - it is accessible to everyone the world over. Check out the article about it here, and then check out the university itself here.

Happy reading, and armchair adventuring! (I'm off to call my bank and tell them I'll be out of the country, and all those other little things that one should probably do before traveling...)

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