Thursday, July 19, 2012

Victory for Special Olympics!

This is the building I will rappel off of.  Oy.  via

I have the very exciting news that I just NEED to share!  Yesterday, thanks to a last-minute fundraiser I held, I met my pledge commitment for the Special Olympics of Massachusetts!  That's right, kids, just over $1000 is going to be going to the Special Olympics in my home state, and I just want to take today's post to be grateful for all of the support I have received.*

Meanwhile, I found this article, from last year, which helps explain why Special Olympics is so important.  And yes, I realize this is a break from our regularly-scheduled travel talk, but go with me for a minute here.  Traveling is about pushing our boundaries, and trying to see the world from someone else's perspective.  It is so easy, in our breathlessly fast-paced and self-involved world, to overlook the experiences of disabled people - but every time I see the mentally-challenged people in my life, it is a reminder to me to include their needs and interests and passions in my mental estimation of the world.

And it's not that "wow, I am such a more empathetic person now!"  I'm not always.  In fact, I regularly prioritize my own fears and concerns over other peoples'.  But as someone who loves the world she lives in, and as someone who long ago decided to try to see that world from as many perspectives as possible, I am just happy that I am able to do something to help my community.

Anyhoo, just a couple thoughts to start your Thursday.  A big thank you for the support I've received!

*If you want to donate, my donation page will continue to function for 30 days after this Saturday's rappel event.  Please consider it, any amount is a huge help to this program that offers its services for FREE.

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