Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm going over the edge!

I have recently decided upon the newest and epic-est adventure yet: I'm going to rappel down a 22-story building!

About 100 of us have decided to join "Over the Edge," an event to raise much-needed money for Special Olympics of Massachusetts... in the form of bouncing down the Hyatt in Boston.  It was the novelty the appealed to me at first (and the oh-my-lord-can-I-do-this-ness), but I did some research on Special Olympics and was so excited to realize that they offer year-round sports training and competition for residents of my home state with intellectual disabilities, building coordination, confidence, and self-esteem -- and it is all FREE.

This is what got me hooked on Over the Edge, because I have someone very near and dear to me who lives with his intellectual disabilities all day, every day, facing his fears and stresses probably far more than I face mine.  But he has the good fortune to live in a country with universal health care, and so receives excellent residential care, while his family is still able to pursue their lives and know that he will be taken care of.

Honestly, I shudder to think how different all of their lives would be if they lived in the US.  I'm not being political here, but I DO want to recognize the amazing work being done by Special Olympics, and honor the people I know who handle extremely difficult disabilities every day with grace and resiliency.

So here's where you all come in: I have pledged to raise $1000 for this amazing charity, and it's definitely not an easy goal to reach, especially in this economy when everyone is struggling.  However, I make no money off of this site (see the lack of ads?), and would love to reach my $1000 goal and help some amazing folks do some amazing work.  I have never asked for money on this site, and certainly don't plan to make it a trend -- but if you think this is a worthwhile cause, I would be deeply appreciative if you click here and make a donation, of any amount.

And I promise to post some pictures on here of me, dangling on a building, scared to death.  Pinky-swear.

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