Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hurricane insurance

So I just confirmed a trip to Bermuda, and I am SUPER excited! My birthday is always over Labor Day weekend, so this year I decided I wanted to do it up right by going away with the Boyf for a few nights.  I have the luck to live in Boston, which is only a two-hour flight from Bermuda, a fact we cold, soggy New Englanders often forget!

I am busily learning all about Bermuda (and I happily accept ideas and tips, leave 'em in the comments or email me), and my ever-wise madre (who this week, with the transit of Venus, lovingly reminded me not to stare at the sun too long - thanks Mom!) suggested I look into hurricane insurance, since I'll be touching down during hurricane season.

Huh.  I never thought of that.

In fact, I have openly admitted to knowing little about the world of travel insurance, and so that's why I am opening this up to you guys -- recommendations?  Thoughts?

What do I need to know about hurricane insurance?

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