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The 6 least-visited destinations in the Philippines

So, as I cannot visit everywhere in the world (though Bermuda might happen this summer, YEAH BOY!), I have been recruiting some great travelers to write about destinations that they have found exciting.  Today's post is by Abigail Ang, who has been to some great spots in the Phillipines that you should know about -- but remember, be a responsible traveler and make sure that these locales get treated gently for future travelers in search of a hidden escape!

This nation is known for its tropical climate, white sand beaches and being home to the stunning underground river in Palawan. Here are 6 more least visited destinations that are worth visiting in the Philippines.

1. Caramoan Islands

Hidden deep within Camarines Sur, Caramoan Islands presents a beauty like no other. This paradise has white sand beaches, crystal-like waters and rocky terrains that make it a perfect diving, and snorkeling spot. Its rugged coastline made of a group of islands adds picturesque perfect scenery on the place making photographers all around the world enjoy its magnificence. Not many people know of this place because of its seclusion from the main island, but because of its splendour, Caramoan Islands hold the pride of Camarines Sur and Philippines itself.

2. Carabao Islands

In the farther tip of Romblon sits another magnificent place called Carabao Islands. It is infamous in the province and was labelled as a rising island paradise. It is not popular among tourists because most of them would typically opt for another nearby island—Boracay. Still, it is no less than gifted. It has mystical caves, white sand beaches, and crystalline waters that can feed wonders to every tourist.

3. Camiguin Islands

Mindanao is known for varieties of beaches and tourists attractions. One of its beautiful yet unnoticed islands is the Camiguin Islands. Although competition is tough because of other famous local beaches around it, this island deserves a round of applause for its scenic natural attractions including hot springs, waterfalls and the Sunken Cemetery. It is also another good place for historical landmarks and festivals.
4. Itbayat Islands

This remote paradise island is part of the Batanes group of islands located in the northernmost tip of the Philippines—nearly 200 kilometres from the southernmost part of Taiwan. Its location is one of the factors why it is least visited by tourists. Nonetheless, the priceless reward of visiting it includes having a look on naturally made islands, underground steams, cliffs and rock formations. The island is also the home of the Philippines’ ancient settlers, and their marks still linger around the area.
5. Sicogon Islands

Before Boracay was established as the most popular beach in the Philippines, Sicogon Island was the top tourist attraction. It is admired for its striking beaches, alluring waters, and virgin forests. Although there are not many deluxe accommodations compared to other reputable seasides, the island still attracts groups of snorkelers and scuba divers because of its diverse marine life including giant clams and coral reefs.

6. Isla de Gigantes

Mystifying like its name, Isla de Gigantes is situated in Northern Iloilo. Due to its location, only few have seen its mystifying beauty—and been awed by its beauty. Isla de Gigantes, also known as Isla Gigantes Sur is home to white sand beaches, virgin islands and perplexing land formations. It is a great destination for tourists who enjoy extreme sports like rock climbing and cliff diving. Hiking and scuba diving are some of the other popular activities that can be done and enjoyed in this region.

Caramoan Islands, Carabao Islands, Camiguin Islands, Itbaya Islands, Sicogon Islands, and Isla de Gigantes--they may be the least visited destinations in the Philippines but they offer many amazing attractions that are more than worthy for tourists’ attention and appreciation. Every people should have a stopover and enjoy a day--or more--in these scenic locations to have the most relaxing and adventurous time of their life.


Abigail Ang is an aspiring writer and a former Backpacker. She is into almost all types of music, and has a passion in singing and an interest in sports--particularly Ultimate (Frisbee) and running. Abigail is currently taking care of her 2 daughters Shiela and Ria, and one of her favorite travel sites is this one, check it out! Follow Abi on Twitter.

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