Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The TSA blog, and how they handle transgender travelers

I don't have an appropriate photo, so... happy spring!

Hola adventurers!  I am determined to keep up the pace of things on this blog, though I did just start a new job this week (fist pump and victory dance)!  It's actually pretty exciting for me, as I am now working for a travel company (that shall remain nameless), and getting an opportunity to learn more about how the industry functions.  And you know I will be bringing it my own epic spin!

I found a couple of things last week that I wanted to share with you, all about the TSA.  Firstly, for those of you that didn't know, the TSA has an official blog where you can get the lowdown on new procedures and other tidbits -- today they actually posted an interesting little piece on civil liberties and complaint mechanisms, worth a look-see.

In related news, here is a piece from one of my favorite websites about how transgender passengers experience TSA procedures and how it feels to have to fit into a neatly designated bureaucratic process that wasn't designed with you in mind.

And here is another piece about the experience of traveling while transgender; this one really highlights for me the fact that TSA personnel are not always trained well in sensitive issues.  I think it's a great argument for scrapping the program -- people are diverse, they don't come in "terrorist" and "not terrorist," and there is so much out there documenting the insensitivity of TSA officers to diversity -- I can't see how poorly trained folks do much to keep us safe.

(And for the record, I have actually always had pleasant officers.  I think the program is just too huge and unwieldy and stupidly planned, and so personnel training can suffer.)

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