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Guest post: Top cities to visit in the UK

Hi there, Adventurers!  Today's guest post comes from Joshua, a writer currently living in the UK.  One thing I am really enjoying on The Epic Adventurer is finding people who write about all sorts of different topics -- but still have a passion for travel!  Though I adore London, there are so many parts of the UK that I have never been to -- so Joshua is here to teach us about some of the other wonderful cities in Britain!

The UK is one of the most well known places in Europe but surprisingly, it always seems to get missed out when people talk about the best places in the world to visit. Now, I'm from the UK myself so maybe I'm a little biased, but I think the UK is home to some of the best cities in the world and being a keen traveller myself, I've had chance to visit quite a few of these places.

The idea of this post is to introduce you to some of the great places you can visit in the UK, as well share details about why I believe they are so great. So, if all you've heard about the UK is how great the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament are, I urge you to read on.

This is definitely one of the cities that you need to visit during your time in the UK as it really does have so much to offer. Many people think of Manchester as being like London but without so much tourism and in a way, this is what the city is like.

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK which means there is plenty to do here. The city is a great place for those who love shopping and has numerous shopping centres, all of which are pretty big indeed. The city is also a fantastic location for those that love food as there are some absolutely incredible restaurants in Manchester, at reasonable prices too. Nightlife is another big area of Manchester's attraction and there are some of the best bars and clubs in the UK here for sure. Canal street often gets its fair share of attention in this city.

The city has some great hotels including the landmark Hilton hotel that you certainly won't miss during a visit here. Manchester is a great place to head if you're into the arts too as the BBC is now located in the area of Salford (just a stone's throw from Manchester) and it also has its fair share of theatres.

This is an absolutely stunning city that offers a lot to those who like something a bit calmer than places like London. One of the things that York is the most well known for is its museums, of which it has many. There is the National Train Museum here as well as the Jorvik museum which is probably the most famous one in the area. York is well known for its architecture so if you're a lover of great design, there will be no shortage of sights here.

Popular tourist spots in York include York Minister and the cobbled streets where street performers can often be found. Overall, this is a stunningly beautiful city which is a favourite of mine for sure. The York Dungeons are another popular tourist spot that are well worth a visit too.

It is important to note that York is a shopping hotspot like many UK cities. York offers a huge range of quaint shops that you are sure to be able to spend hours browsing without a care in the world.

Edinburgh is an absolutely amazing place to visit if you get a chance to head all the way up north to the country of Scotland. Edinburgh has a lot to offer so whether you are looking to admire some stunning scenery or get involved with something a bit more artistic, this is the perfect city for you.

Edinburgh is located near the Scottish coast which as you can imagine, is absolutely stunning, especially in the summer time.  There are some great beaches around Edinburgh which are lovely if it isn't too cold. Another thing that Edinburgh is well known for is its castles; there are quite a few of these with some of the most notable being Edinburgh Castle and Craigsmiller castle. These aren't for everyone but will be a must visit part of the city for anyone who loves history.

If shopping is your thing, then Edinburgh offers this too. The city centre is home to many modern and well know high street stores, as well as the lesser well know, local shops. There are also some stunning restaurants here so food isn't a problem; you can even try haggis if you're feeling brave.

Now, we can't mention Edinburgh without mentioning the Edinburgh festival. This is held each year and brings some of the best, artistic talent in the UK to the city. This is something you definitely shouldn't miss if theatre is your thing.

It was so hard to pick just a few cities from the UK as the best, as there are plenty of other stunning cities such as Sheffield, London, Cardiff, Birmingham and more. If you have access to a car during your time in the UK, it might be worth visiting other stunning locations too as many of them are just a couple of hours away from each other. 

Joshua is a travel blogger based in the UK with a passion for travelling the world. Joshua also runs
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