Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The TSA strikes again

Update: I love my commenters! This was left in the comments section and I want it to get some attention - it's a petition to make the TSA abide by the 4th amendment of the constitution (unreasonable search and seizure) or withhold funding. It's certainly worth a look (and bonus points to the White House for hosting petitions on its website)!

So I noticed something troubling yesterday... apparently there have been more reports of TSA unprofessionalism recently, some of them absolutely sickening.  I was just about to start ignoring the TSA and all of the totally useless costs it has imposed upon travelers in America, but really, my guard can apparently never go down!

For the non-Americans among you, The Transportation Security Administration is an American governmental office that was created after September 11th to monitor our airports.  TSA regulations are mandatory for all American airports, though airports with enough spare cash can choose to have one of a couple private contractors come in to actually perform the security screenings (in this economy, I think you can imagine that most airports don't - low-cost security options, very smart) (eye roll).

The TSA is who we have to thank for naked machines, puffer machines, the ban on anything remotely sharp (nail clippers?), and the shoe-removal dance craze that's sweeping the nation (actually, the world -- you can always tell the Americans in foreign airports because they automatically remove their shoes, even when it's not necessary).  They are also responsible for some of these more... uh... unsavory moments...

A woman was forced to publicly utilise her breast pump before she was allowed to take it through security (apparently it was the empty bottles that were a security risk...)

I've suspected it for a while (and ALWAYS opt out!), but once again the pervy TSA is "randomly" selecting pretty women for the backscatter machines...

A TSA screener threw hot coffee AT AN AIRLINE PILOT who told her to stop swearing...  (Like I said, don't argue with the TSA!)

Bryant Livingston, a former TSA official, has been accused of running a prostitution ring...

And last but certainly not least, a short and sweet letter about how it is totes not okay for the TSA to create a culture of fear in our airports.

(image via, Creative Commons)

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