Friday, April 6, 2012


I've been a bad blogger this week... I've been super sick and generally not part of the blogging world for a couple of days.  And, yes, I feel guilty about it (what can I say?  I love y'all just that much).

So this is a recap post of the stuff that's been happening around here recently, a little light (or occasionally serious) reading to start your weekend.  Meanwhile, happy Easter and Passover!

(Do you actually say "Happy Passover"?  That seems wrong...)

Anyhoo, this week I had Robert from Leave Your Daily Hell write a great post for me on traveling as a gay person.  LGBT issues are very close to my heart, and I think that it is vital to remember that being out can have real implications as one travels - thank you, Robert!

Meanwhile, I've been making new friends and signing new petitions as a result of this post about recent TSA misconduct allegations.  Geez, I just hate the TSA.

And a week ago, I posted this piece with a couple links to help remind folks not to stereotype the, um, ENTIRE CONTINENT OF AFRICA.  I put that in caps because, well, it seems we get one narrative about Africa in my part of the world, and that narrative is one of poverty and war and corruption and illness - but Africa is a large, diverse place with many stories to tell, if actual Africans could be allowed to tell them.  (Sorry, long-term chip on my shoulder.)

All right, off to continue fighting my cold into oblivion!

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