Friday, April 27, 2012

I finally took photos of Londontown!

So I just returned from a week in my other city, London!  I was presenting some research at a conference in Reading, a town outside of London, but took the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and my family, as well.  It was a much more hectic week than I had anticipated, and as usual I took very few photos -- but the ones I took are here, for YOU!

I saw a review of the hoboroll, and am addicted.  Also in love with the name.  This little gem held a week's clothing, including workout gear and PJs!

A raisin scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam - I CRAVE this when I am in the US!  Can we please get clotted cream over here???

Proof that multiculturalism is NOT a failure (you listening, Davey?).

Beautiful street in East London.

Some of the best vintage shops in the world!

Posh Berkeley Square.

Pretty municipal building in Reading.

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