Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travel fatigue, backpacking in Europe, and street harassment!

A road in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, February of 2009

Hi everyone!  It has been a busy old week here at Adventuring Headquarters (also known as a borrowed computer)!

I have two guest posts up this week, which I would love for you to check out.  I wrote a detailed follow-up piece to my post on travel fatigue a while back -- check it out here, at Sacred Grounds Travel Magazine!  And while you're there, take a look around the site; it has some really great, thoughtful pieces worth a look.

I was also hosted by the amazing Traveling Fool this week, writing my top five reasons to backpack in Europe (because it is not a total cliche!  Promise!).  Check it out here, and show the Fool some love!

I was also blogged about this week by Wizpert, the advice website that I am affiliated with.  Wizpert is a great company, just starting out, and they pull together folks with all sorts of knowledge so that if you have a question, you can skype us and have a conversation or text-only chat.  Please come by, say hello, and then rate me (feel free to say I'm perfect.  Go right ahead!).

And the last big piece of news is that it is International Anti-Street Harassment Week!  We all know I feel passionately about this topic, so show your support by joining the Twitter conversation over at #streetharassment.  Street harassment, like its ugly cousin racial profiling, absolutely affects people's ability to travel and move about the world, so responsible travel-minded folk (which I know y'all are) should definitely give it some real though this week.  For ways to help, take a meander around here.

(image via, Creative Commons attribution, by John Scott Rafoss)

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