Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sustainable tourism redux, and welcome!

Over the last few days, I've posted about sustainable tourism - environmental and economic.  I just wanted to take this moment to ask you all to leave your comments or thoughts on these issues, since they are so important to travelers everywhere.  Sometimes it feels as though the blogosphere moves so fast that important conversations never have the time to occur, so I wanted to stretch this one out a little bit.

I also wanted to say hello and welcome to all of my new readers -- there are a lot of you!  I love hearing from readers, through comments or Twitter or carrier pigeons or prank phone calls (no.  Not prank phone calls.  Unless they are brilliant).  So hey baby, here's my info - catch ya later...*

UPDATE: Just saw that Wizpert mentioned me in their recent blog post!  Yay!

UPDATED UPDATE: My guest post about travel fatigue over at Sacred Grounds Travel Magazine went up today!

*That was me being very slick and chatting you up.  In case you missed it.

(image via, Creative Commons attribution)

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