Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am a doofus, I got back from Seattle about a month ago and am only now getting around to posting my photos.  Forgive me?

I have to say, I love Seattle.  This was my second trip there, and both times I have been pleasantly surprised by the amazing food, the friendly people (I don't even think of Boston as unfriendly until I leave it...), and the gorgeous novelty of seeing snow-capped mountains everywhere I turn...

Home of amazing herb bread and $7 vinho verde wine, in Pike Place.

The pier from outside my hotel window.

Ducks on the water.

A blurry but beautiful Mt. Rainier!

The Olympic mountains at twilight.

Obligatory space needle photo -- but really worth a trip up if it's your first time in Seattle!

There was such a lot of really great street art... well as entertaining neon signs.

I was ordered to get my ever-growing butt in here for some sweet donuts.
So I did.

And I ate a damned good potato and cheese piroshky (Russian pastry) for breakfast!

I also had the good fortune to see an old friend who lives in Oregon, and the only reason she is not in the post is that I coud not have resisted posting a picture of her riding the big bronze hog at Pike Place.  (You're welcome, Kristin!)

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