Thursday, March 8, 2012

NYT Travel Show wrap-up

Hi everyone!  I had the amazing good fortune to attend the New York Times Travel Show this weekend in Manhattan, and was blown away by how many amazing people I met there and how many wonderful new businesses and travel tools I learned about (don't fret, there will be quite a few more links going up on the Funding Your Adventures page, pronto!)

But MOST importantly, I got to meet two other fabulous bloggers, Gina of Live for Travel, and Maria of Latin Abroad!  Inspired by the show, we all decided to have Tibetan food afterwards and then crepes for brunch the next day -- I gotta say, if you're in the mood for international food, New York is the place to be!

OMG, it's Arthur and Pauline Frommer!

And the hilarious Samantha Brown!

Creperie chairs
Me, Maria, and Gina at Vive le Crepe on Bleecker Street (and a little girl sorta photobombing us...)

Obligatory Times Square shot.

How I always think of New York -- pretty churches and cabbies in a rush!

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