Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New visitors and housekeeping

Well, I am FLOORED.  Truly floored.  Here I was, feeling super guilty about being too busy to write a big long post today, when I checked my stat counter and saw that in the last few days, hundreds of new folks have visited The Epic Adventurer!  A lot of you have found your way here via StumbleUpon, and I am so happy you did (hello!)-- I even added a StumbleUpon badge over in the right-hand column!  Meanwhile, if you like the content here, don't forget to "like" the content publicly, it really does put a smile on my face.

So, in case you missed it, so far this week I've been able to share some great writing about how to follow cultural etiquette while traveling, from my friend Joe over at Total Travel Blog, as well as some of my favorite links from the weekend. 

I've also been having some great conversations about who actually controls airports, which has turned out to surprise quite a few people! 

I'd love if y'all got in touch with me, and there are some great reasons to do so!  And if you're brand-new to the site, here are my reasons why I really believe in budget travel.

And as always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions on what you'd like to see here! Happy trails!

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