Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost and found, making US visitors unwelcome, and the TSA deciding to use intelligence

Here are a couple of links to start the weekend... I'll be back soon with Part II of my series, :What Sustainable Tourism Really Means (check out Part I here!).  Happy weekend!

So who is responsible when your gadget goes missing in the airport?  Apparently, no one.

My British family told me about the ESTA rules for non-Americans visiting the US, but DAMN.  I didn't realize how truly unfriendly the United States is to visitors.  Shame on... us?

And in "makes me chuckle and cry at the same time" news, the TSA has decided to "use intelligence" and revamp travel rules for senior citizens (I think they mean security intelligence, but the phrasing is priceless).  Seniors have put up with a lot of crap from the TSA over the years, because medical and mobility devices, as well as impairments and other issues have repeatedly left TSA officers wondering how to operate (one might suggest, with basic human decency and respect?  And sensitivity training?).

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