Monday, March 5, 2012


A sunset shot of Mt. Rainier, just for kicks

A couple amazing links to start the week:

The future of environmentally sustainable tourism

A really thoughtful piece on the downsides of long-term travel, which I totally agree with.

I am SO EXCITED about this clothing collection, which is designed by women, for women who travel! Sustainable fabrics, versatile, lightweight pieces that can be worn a bunch of different ways -- and it is all very attractive!

The Indian income gap is widening.

I admire the British stiff upper lip, but the tension over the economy is making it tremble; a great piece on the mood in England these days.

My favorite for today: ladies, do you pretend you're married to avoid unwanted male attention abroad? There's an interesting discussion here, and I'd love to have some folks respond to my comments as well!

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