Friday, February 24, 2012

Why you should connect with The Epic Adventurer

Hi, kittens!  Things are moving and shaking behind the scenes here at The Epic Adventurer, and I am so psyched about how many of you have found this site and connected with me already about our love of travel!

I'm really dedicated to finding information that is helpful to all of you beautiful people (well, it's a computer.  You may be ugly, I'm not magic and can't see you.  But I'm giving you benefit of the doubt here).  See that survey box that popped up on the bottom of your screen?  I take that seriously.  I also take your comments really seriously, and love hearing your thoughts.

So, back to the question at hand: why should you connect with The Epic Adventurer?  

For one, I will remove all of that doubt and tell everyone I know how good-looking you are (yes.  Truth).

I will also be looking for guest posts on this blog, and would love to grow my circle of excited travelers that I write with!  And if you're a blogger that needs a quick break, I would love to write for you!

This site is filled to bursting with links, tips, and money-saving ideas for novice and experienced budget travelers.  I want to share it, and I want your input and experience to make it better.

This site also has a lot of material on different perspectives on social issues around the world.  I love that about this site -- it's become a place where some really interesting conversations are happening that aren't happening on other blogs.

See, I really believe in my core that travel has the capacity to make all people, the travelers and the locals, see the world in a compassionate, positive way.  These issues are tricky, and I am just one person from one point of view.  But with your insights and your experience, The Epic Adventurer can be a hub of great information and cultural knowledge!

So there you have it -- a few great reasons to connect with me.  Now all you have to do is pick the most convenient way!

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I can't wait to hear from you!

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