Monday, February 6, 2012

A surprisingly pleasant TSA experience

I am pleased as punch to report that not only did I not have to go through any backscatter machines (and I even spread the gospel  by showing my horrified friend what the images actually look like), but I did not have to have an "enhanced pat-down," either!  In fact, no pat-down at all -- and the TSA agents were all incredibly friendly to me (despite all looking surprised and almost sweetly concerned when I said I was opting out).

A win!

And yet, there's always a moment where I find myself doing a headslap, anyway -- this time, it came after I landed last night at Logan.  I was on a moving walkway, when I heard an announcement on the loudspeaker that there would be a new security procedure: the TSA agents might ask you a few questions about your itinerary.


REALLY?  It has taken 11 YEARS for it to dawn on the TSA that they should talk to their passengers?  I have been asked questions by security officers all over the world, and yet it is only now occurring to the US that it might be a wise move?

(first image via, and I would like to point out it is incredibly difficult to search for TSA images and get appropriate results... I gave up and searched for the TSA logo, only to find a pile of spoofs.  I am apparently not alone in thinking it's all nuts)

(second image via)

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